The Power BlowDry


When I am experiencing what can only be described as a bad hair day, I just book in for a Power BlowDry. I am super lucky that the salon is literally a 30 second walk from the office. What is the Power BlowDry? Well I asked my stylist Nathan Honeyford to give us the run down and steps for you to create this look for yourself at home. Done well it lasts a couple of days too, so well worth the extra effort.

The Power BlowDry in one word? It’s simply VOLUME! Mid length or long hair, it’s the perfect way to give you a sense of vitality, glamour, and style. I’m not talking Diana Ross or any other female eighties icon for that matter. Think more Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria and uber chic mom Sofia Vergara. Here’s how to re-create this glamorous look at home.

The BlowDry Kit

Every woman should own a salon length cord hairdryer with attachable nozzles to direct the heat and to help with the smoothing of those frizzy hair cuticles.

Secondly, a good, sturdy, ceramic round blow drying brush to suit the length of your hair; I tend to favour Denman or Kent brushes.

When it comes to the third must have it all depends on what your natural hair state is. If it’s curly you need something to help smooth but not eliminate the volume; I’d opt for a root boost, label:m volume spray is perfect! Use a smoothing cream on the mid-lengths and ends, nothing heavy; No Inhibition Smoothing Cream £15.39 is great when used in small doses.

Get yourself a good volumising shampoo and conditioner. I love the milkshake volume range for this – Milkshake Volume Solution Shampoo £13.69 and Milkshake Volume Solution Conditioner £14.69. Just remember, for those with fine hair keep the conditioner to the ends, as too much moisture on the root is going to make it flop! And we don’t want that ladies!

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The BlowDry Method

Shampoo and condition your hair, then comb through with a lightweight conditioning spray.  is a must. It does what it says, conditioning, gentle, lightweight and PREPares the hair, providing a fabulous base for other products.

Next, apply the appropriate product we talked about earlier and fire up the hairdryer…’s time for your workout! Blast your hair against its natural fall (against the roots), using your fingers to manipulate the hair and increase the volume until the hair is only slightly damp. Taking sections at the back of your hair roll the brush under while applying the heat. Keep going until all of the hair is dry (remembering to roll the brush away from the face).

Rub a small amount of serum or defining creme between your palms and fingers and run them through your bouncy barnet. Try Bumble and Bumble Contour Creme £23.00. Gently scrunch the ends to define that subtle movement. Finish off with a fine mist of No Inhibition hairspray £12.99.

For those of you who think ‘that’s way too much hard work!’ Get yourself booked in for a wash and blow dry with your regular stylist and let them do the hard work!

Your new ‘classy blozzer’ is set to impress. Kept well, your blow dry should last a good few days. Make dry shampoo and hairspray your new best friend and you will be sure turn heads.

9th August 2017
11th August 2017