The Hottest Designer Sunglasses this Season

The Hottest Designer Sunglasses this Season

I never … Ever … leave the house without sunglasses. Honestly, whether it’s day or night, you will never see me without my designer shades, I totally forget I am wearing them. I like to start off every new season with at least one new pair.

I wear glasses too and believe me I have been caught out on more than one occasion, where I have turned up for an event wearing a beautiful pair of designer shades, only to realise later on when I have to drive home that I don’t have my glasses with me! An issue that I have now rectified, I have now a spare pair of Bvlgari in the car. May I suggest it is a good idea to always have a spare pair of glasses in your car, well worth the extra expense and means far less “I told you so” remarks from a grumpy partner who has to come out and find you and drive you home.

Update your style with a pair of these hot designer shades (or maybe all of them if the funds will stretch). As always we’ve done the research, they are all in stock and just waiting for you to buy them.

1. Prada


Prada Sunglasses

PRADA Round-frame acetate and silver-tone sunglasses Net-A-Porter £335

2. Gucci


Gucci Sunglasses

GUCCI Round-frame glittered acetate sunglasses Net-A-Porter £250


3. Victoria Beckham


Office Chic
VICTORIA BECKHAM Loop aviator-style gold-tone sunglasses – Net-A-Porter £325 


4. Balenciaga

Balenciaga Sunglasses
BALENCIAGA Cat-eye acetate sunglasses Net-A-Porter £200


5. Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham Sunglasses

VICTORIA BECKHAM Square-frame acetate sunglasses Net-A-Porter £220


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