Humidity Proof Your Hair


“It’s the HUMIDITY!!!” Monica bellows holding her hands up to the width of her frizzy mane in the iconic series ‘Friends.’ An all too familiar problem ladies worldwide seem to face when the weather changes, ironically for the better. The good news is; glorious, warm weather does not have to be our enemy. Hopefully, this is going to help you with the ongoing battle we have with frizz especially when humidity levels are up!

OneChicMom’s editor-in-chief Claire finds the best way to tackle her ‘mane’ is quite simply let someone else do it! That’s right!…..twice a week Claire books an appointment for a blow dry in the salon. Saving her the tedious job of doing it herself and assuring her hair is always ‘work’ and ‘play’ ready.

Your hair can be difficult to maintain at the best of times, let alone when your blasting heat from the hair dryer at yourself and enduring the stifling, close temperatures around you. Tiny drops of perspiration glistening as they begin to cascade down your forehead, your frustration levels are increasing by the second. To top it off none of this is going to help with the finished style. Sticky, moist scalp, frustration, over dried hair and muggy temperatures do not equal sleek, sophisticated and stylish.

Imagine being sat in a nice air conditioned salon, sipping on your favourite skinny latte or even a cold glass of Pinot Grigio, with your stylist doing all the hard work with your frizzy locks. Let’s face it; watching your hairdressers face glisten with sweat is far better than watching your own! And the great news is your style is going to hold better and last longer just by taking away the stress of doing it yourself.


Unfortunately, some of us have the type of hair, which even with professional help needs a little something extra. A word that seems to be putting smiles of relief on the faces of hairdressers across the globe, is Olaplex. With its bond multiplying and repairing qualities, I would always encourage those with naturally frizzy hair to have the treatment along with any colour service. Not only does it improve the visual aspects of your hair (luster and INCREDIBLE shine!) but also the manageability. The Olaplex No.3 is a fabulous product to keep at home for those in between salon visit fixes.

You have indulged in the Salon blow dry, now you have to maintain these gorgeous locks for a couple of days until your next appointment. Look no further; KMS’s Anti Humidity Seal is all you will need. A light mist all over your hair in the morning will ensure shine, durability, and retention without the typical weight and greasy finish other products produce. This anti humidity product has weatherproof qualities to protect the hair from frizz by forming an invisible anti-humidity shield.

There you have it. Leave the hard work to the professionals, and use the correct product to seal and protect that gorgeous blow dry. That’s all it takes to stop those coarse, frizzy curls sneaking back out!

11th August 2017