Manage Your Family’s Hay Fever


Well I can certainly tell that Summer is here, omg my hay fever is awful. It’s kind of crept up on me all of a sudden this year too. Thought I’d got away with it and then ….. BOOM! Eyes, ears, skin, you name it, it’s been affected by this year’s pollen extravaganza. The trick is to be on top of it….every day too.

Whilst many of us are outside, enjoying the glorious weather, regrettably there are those who are forced indoors, blighted by the symptoms of hay fever and, for many, that can mean symptoms ranging from mild, to severe. Symptoms such as; itchy and watery eyes, mild to severe dizziness, congested nose and sinus’s, itchy pallet and throat, general fatigue and feeling unwell. I know I have them all.

The first thing we would recommend is an allergy test, to establish which pollen (or spores) trigger your allergy symptoms. Speak to your GP, who can advise on where this can be done.

Get to Know Your Pollen

Different pollen and spores are plentiful, at different times of the year. It helps to know when these are likely to be a problem for you.  Once you have established this, make an effort to reduce your exposure to these triggers.

Get Kitted Out

I swear by my hayfever kit, here’s what in it:

Neilmed Sinus Rinse – Honestly I don’t know how I would manage without this amazing saline nose rinse. Clears sinus, inner ears and nose.

Anti-Histimine tablets – Different brands work better for different people. Don’t assume that the one that worked last year will be the same this year.

Haymax Pure Balm – Dab it around your nostrils to prevent that pesky pollen getting in there in the first instance.

Eye Drops – Essential to keep you eyes clear and pollen free – again there are many brands so ask your pharmacy or GP for advice.

Top Tips for Reducing Hayfever Symtoms

Pets that live in the house carry pollen, and spores, on their fur. Keep pets off furniture and definitely out of bedrooms. Keep pet wipes and a brush handy, and groom them on a regular basis.

After being outside, change your clothes and launder them. Take a shower and wash your hair, to get rid of any pollen or spores.

Avoid drying clothes outdoors, where pollen/spores can stick to them.

Ensure that surfaces are wiped and then vacuum floors surfaces regularly, preferably with a machine containing a HEPA filter.







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