Reinvention? – Start with Your Hair


Celebrities are the best when it comes to reinvention. Media love catching the first snap of those hot A-listers sporting their dramatic restyling, new makeup, new hair style, new body and a new look. I love it; it’s totally inspiring. It’s not just celebs either. We’ve all bumped into that friend we’ve not seen for a while. OMG, they’ve lost weight, revamped their wardrobe and had a fabulous makeover….she looks fantastic!! Imagine if you were ‘that friend.’ Claire, our Editor, recently popped round clearly in need of a dramatic change! She was tired of the ‘neither here nor there’ length and wanted people to notice her new statement hair.

I’ve been in the hairdressing industry for over a decade and believe me I know how important it is to have the perfect hair style. It’s an instant improvement to kick start your reinvention.

Start by booking yourself in for a new hair colour and cut with your stylist at the salon. I totally love it when my clients come in looking for a dramatic change. A useful tip for those people who are not great at explaining what they want is to take pictures in with them of different styles that they like.


There was only one option for Claire. I wanted to create a bob that was hers. Admittedly we looked at pictures of Sandra Bullock, Kim Kardashian and a few other Pinterest pics for HAIRSPIRATION. Then we took our favourite elements and pieced them together to create the length, texture, and style of bob that was going to suit Claire; her face shape, lifestyle and general image. Ultimately the restyle was what was needed to kick-start her reinvention.

Having your hair restyled is crucial for a ‘new look.’ How many of you ladies reach for the lippy as soon as you have had your hair done? You will see it when you look in the mirror in the morning or walk past the shop window and catch a glimpse of your reflection in the glass.

Start with the hair ladies and the rest will follow.

9th August 2017

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    Natasha coulson

    14th May 2017

    I love this!! I think it’s so important to reinvent yourself when you become a new Mummy too. It’s so easy to forget about yourself and your image when you have little ones.
    As a new Mummy again second time around recently, Iv forgotten how hard it is to juggle everything and you just seem to be last in line.
    But when I look in the mirror I want to be that “yummy Mummy” I don’t want to look like “plain Jane”. So I am making that important “me time” to make me feel good about myself. I just can’t wait to get my hair done now.