OneChicMoms Guide to Exercising Outdoors

Exercise Outdoors

OK so not everyone likes the gym and to be honest I prefer to exercise outdoors. Whether it’s a boot camp, a night running club or a spot of skiing, this time of year is perfect for ramping up the exercise outdoors. So wrap up warm, grab your headphones and let’s get on it!Β If that all sounds a bit too energetic, Onechicmom’s outdoor training recommendation includes taking the dog for a fast passed walk or a jog, jogging with one of those funky pushchairs designed for you to run with, or simply going for a jog with your partner or a friend.


Fast pace walking helps to keep your heart rate at a higher than average heart rate, which is proven to burn more fat than going all out by raising your heart rate too high, for example by doing an aerobic class. However, you may want to introduce some HIIT techniques to spike your heart rate, which will increase your chances of burning even more fat.

Exercising Outdoors


Jogging with a funky pushchair will help burn fat and increase muscle, which is perfect for toning. You may want to apply the same techniques as we described and recommended for fast paced walking. Oh and don’t forget to wrap the kids up well with winter woollies.

Exercising Outdoors

We highly recommend roping in a friend or your partner to help motivate your training and stay safe guys it still gets dark early, so make sure you take the necessary precautions when you exercise outdoors.

Good luck, from the team at OneChicMom.