SachaJuan The Perfect Prescription for Your Hair

SachaJuan The Perfect Prescription for Your Hair

Even the name of these next generation hair products is irresistible. SachaJuan products have a straightforward, yet desirable packaging that is so simple yet utterly eye-catching. If you are thinking these remind me of medicine bottles, then you would be correct! The whole concept of their no-fuss appearance is that the real ‘medicine’ for your hair is within the non-glorified packaging. I’m highly attracted to their simplicity, and due to its neutral colouring, the products would look great on the shelves in any bathroom.


SachaJuan in Their Own Words

“SachaJuan’s Essence is About Simplicity and Function in Perfect Harmony together with high quality and innvention.”

“Hair should be beautiful, and the beauty of SachaJuan is that it should make everyone’s hair life easier.”


I love the fact that these products can become your own personal hair ‘prescription.’ Firstly, due to how they look and secondly because each product has a main purpose. Think of it as a cure for the illness. I do believe the designers of the product wanted to create a whole ‘apothecary’ feel to the products and this remains noticeably consistent from purchasing through to using them in the shower at home.

The uncomplicated products were introduced in 2004 by Sacha Mittic and Juan Rosenlind, founders and creators of the iconic salon Sacha Juan in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden. The products have won numerous prestigious awards and on their release were immediately acclaimed. Adored by celebrities the world over.


The stunning collection of products contain SachaJuan’s Ocean Silk Technology, which consists of sea algae and other ‘active’ ingredients. These leave your hair feeling moisturised, dazzling with shine and bouncy movement. With easy to understand categories, the correct product can be identified by analysing your hair type. For example, normal, fine and coloured hair, are amongst those. Sacha Juan also boasts a fantastic selection of travel size haircare and styling products available for those luxury weekends away.

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