A Very Merry Milkshake


Milkshake hair products have finally found their well-earned place on the shelves of prestigious hairdressing salons throughout the UK. Since the brand launched in Italy in 1999, Milkshake has gone from strength to strength. Bursting with gorgeous organic ingredients and conditioning qualities; these fabulous products are a complete indulgence.

As a salon professional hair product Milkshake boasts a fantastic philosophy.

“….use the power and beauty of nature to get amazing looking hair for all occasions.”

As a professional stylist I have been using the products on my clients for three years and believe me, they never disappoint. Our Editor-in-Chief Claire is a fine example as to how unique these products really are. For years Claire had longed to find a salon-professional product that didn’t cause an un-friendly reaction with her sensitive skin. After a skin test in the salon, we were both super excited that Milkshake products agreed with her skin beautifully with no irritations. It’s so exciting for Claire to finally be able to purchase luxury hair care products and enjoy salon professional hair colouring.

Milkshake has consciously created a product with the delicate balance of nature in mind. From the ingredients in each gorgeous elixir to the packaging it comes in, the brand has taken an environmentally friendly approach to the main aspects of its design. Milkshake is a brand that is not just kind to your hair, but equally kind to the environment too.

I love the extensive range Milkshake offers, from shampoos and conditioners to oils and sprays; there is something for every hair type. Colour Maintenance, smoothing, and volume are amongst the categories in this fabulous hair care brand.

Autumn/winter hair maintenance is vital. Extreme cold temperatures and damp air quality can dry your hair and create frizz. This time of year creates a perfect opportunity to purchase your own milkshake products. With fabulous gift sets available over the festive season, which include the adorable Milky Bear. You will find the gift sets are tailored to various hair types and requirements, however with such an extensive range, you can always create your own little gift set by mixing and matching products. Make sure you include the new ‘Incredible Oil’….it really is INCREDIBLE!

Finally, a personal favourite of mine is the Whipped Cream. My clients not only love how light the product is, but also how enriching and moisturizing it is without weighing the hair down. Some just buy it for its delicious fragrance! With its advanced milk proteins and sunflower seed extract to help restructure the hair and improve manageability, I can see why ladies love these products as much as I do. Claire’s favourite had to be the Smoothing Cream; it helps control her fear of big hair.

Milkshake Favourites


Christmas Gift Set Colour Treated Hair – £24.99


milk_shake Colour Care Christmas Gift Set – £23.99



Integrity Incredible Oil milk_shake® – £24.99 – £43.99



Whipped Cream milk_shake® – £16.29


Smoothing Cream milk_shake® – £15.99






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