Brace yourselves, Dynasty is back!


Time to brace yourselves, the most over the top American soap has returned to the Netflix screens. Dynasty is back!

Elizabeth Gillies, Nathalie Kelley and Grant Show join forces in a modern reboot of the 1980’s prime time soap opera. Once again Dynasty is a fabulous overdose of glamour, a scattering of wealth, scandalous bed hopping and a cast of gorgeous people. It is the sole reason why I subscribe to Netflix.




The new series has an awful lot to live up to. Do you remember the endless on screen fights and face slapping between Linda Evans and Alexis Colby? Nevertheless with a perfect combination of attitude and glamour, this modern reboot doesn’t fall short. 

The series is based around the ongoing feud between two of America’s wealthiest families the Carringtons and the Colbys. All the original characters are back, as is the stunning fashion and bitchiness, but this time the story is mainly told through Fallon Carrington and Cristal Flores, the new Mrs Blake Carrington.

This story has serious story lines guys, incriminating mobile phone videos, face slapping, fights and robberies. Fallon is banging the chauffeur and Alan Dale has turned up from Neighbours to add an edgy twist as the Carrington butler. It’s a glitzy combination of their tremendous wealth and a heavy dose of shady backroom deals.

The only person that is missing is Alexis Colby, but in the 1980’s series she didn’t appear the season one finale. Rumour has it Joan Collins will be back!

Dynasty The Trailer



7th November 2017
13th November 2017



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