Hair Colour Trends AW17

Hair Colour Trends

This Autumn/Winter is certainly heating up when it comes to Celeb Hair Colour Trends. As a Hairdresser; the change of seasons so excites me, I love predicting what’s going to be the hot trends for your hair.

Rich tones are heading our way. Say goodbye to ash tones and look forward to embracing the sensuous warmth, of the golden end of the colour spectrum. Think Deep Chestnuts, Rich Honey and Apricot tones, Coffee with lashings of Warm Caramel and Exotic Darks.

Honey and Apricot Tones

Honey and apricot tones are a great addition to blonde highlights. The beauty of this technique is; it can be achieved by a simple toner (on top of your highlights) at your regular salon.

Amy Adams brought this fabulous shade to our attention at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. These beautiful colours add depth to lightened hair, without becoming a brunette. Emma Roberts and Blake Lively are other perfect examples of super chic ‘blondes,’ adding warmer tones to their bleached locks.

Hair Trends

Deep Chestnut

Deep Chestnut is a gorgeous hair colour for the Autumn and Winter season. Are you bored of your dull brown hair colour? Want to deepen your fading Red? Deep Chestnut could definitely be the answer! A semi-permanent can adapt your current hair colour without making it a permanent fixture. It’s also much kinder to the hair leaving it with an enviable shine.

Geordie lass and Celeb mom Cheryl Cole absloutley rocks a deep chestnut tone. I adored the colour she donned at the Chopard Trophy Ceremony last year. Expect to see more of this colour in the next few months teamed with a super sleek blow dry.

Hair Colour Trends


For those who are sitting on the fence, undecided to go lighter or darker, ‘bronde’ is going to be ideal for you this season. Liven up that all over brunette colour with ‘babylights’ of rich caramel tones throughout your hair. This will add texture and definition to your locks.

Hair Colour Trends

To get this look on point, I suggest going no lighter than two or three shades. Remember you want the baby lights to look soft, classy but still noticeable. Avoid too much contrast. Think Coffee and caramel syrup opposed to coffee and cream! Jennifer Lopez smashes this look. Her stunning Mediterranean complexion, allows those caramel pieces to create just enough contrast against her deep base colour. Super ChicMom; Victoria Beckham is currently rocking this look. Can this woman do any wrong?? Queen V is once again setting the bar very high in the hairstyle stakes!

Dark & Exotic

And for those of you who like really dark hair, I’m thinking a combination of burlesque and gothic chic. I’m calling these shades dark and exotic. This is probably the most versatile tone of my AW17 predictions. It compliments both fair and dark skin tones. Jenna Dewan and Demi Moore come to mind instantly. A bold red lip is essential for this look.

Kerry Washington is a stunning example of a dark ‘smokey’ base colour. The trick with super dark hair colours is to opt for a flat tone, leaving room for your hairdresser to experiment. I offer my clients a rinse of various tones before having their weekly blow dry.

Let’s be honest we’ve all gotten bored of an ‘all-over colour’ in the past. Now you don’t have to…

Hair Trends




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