Honey Lemon Tea the Perfect Health Tonic

Honey Lemon Tea

Well you tell that Winter is arriving, everywhere you look people are snuffling and sneezing, flu season has arrived too! With all things prevention is better than cure. This honey lemon tea is a real health tonic, with multiple health benefits. I like to have mine first thing in the morning. It’s an amazing health booster too. It really improves my digestion, seems to keep my colds at bay and I am 100% positive that it improves my allergy symptoms too. It’s easy to make, so I really do recommend you give it a go; my money is on the fact that you won’t regret it. This recipe is made with just water, but works just as well with your favourite tea.

Serves 1

What You Need

½ a lemon
Freshly Boiled Water, leave to cool just a little
(Optional) 1tsp Manuka Honey – Our Favourite Brand is Rowse Honey
(Optional) Freshly Sliced Ginger

Here’s How To Make A Honey Lemon Tea

Boil the kettle and leave to cool a little for a few minutes.
Squeeze the lemon into a heatproof glass.
(Optional) Add Ginger Slices.
(Optional) Add Tea Infusion.
Top the Glass with the Hot Water.
(Optional) Add a teaspoon of Manuka Honey and stir till dissolved.


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20th November 2017