Top Luxury Advent Calendars for Younger Kids

Advent Calendars

Here we are telling you all of the best luxury Advent Calendars for us grown ups, and we seem to be forgetting what Christmas is all about….the Kids! Remember those advent calendars we had as kids? I loved opening my ‘simple’ advent calendar to see what festive little picture was waiting for me behind the cardboard door.

As lovely as the tradition is, the modern world has taken its toll on the countdown to Christmas. For children, nowadays, a simple picture, or even just a chocolate behind a window just doesn’t cut the mustard (unless of course, it’s Hotel Chocolat).

The choices available cover all types of interests, hobbies, and toys to suit all ages. This is perfect for your kids as we all know they have such different tastes and individuality is something we like to encourage in our little ones. From colouring and crafts to building and luxury chocolates, we have collated the perfect selection of varied advent calendars for your whipper snappers.

Some even create the option to mix things up and include your own little gifts. Perfect for the fussiest of children. Now all you have to do is wait for the countdown to begin and see their little faces light up as the big day drawers closer!

1. Fortnum & Mason


Advent Calendars

Snowman Advent Calendar – Fortnum & Mason £90.00


2. Lego City

Advent Calendars

LEGO City advent calendar – Amazon £22.99


3. Hotel Chocolat

Advent Calendars

Up to Snow Good Chocolate Advent Calendar – Hotel Chocolat £8.00


4. Crayola

Advent Calendars

Crayola Christmas Countdown Activity Advent Calendar – John Lewis £19.99








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