AW17 Hair Trends, Top Tips for Perfect Straight Hair

Straight Hair

Sleek, shiny and sophisticated, quite simply the three steps to wearing your hair straight this AW17. Looking at what’s on the catwalk this upcoming season there is definitely a right and WRONG way to straight hair.

The Celebrities

Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, and the stunning Monica Belluci are excellent examples of how sleek hair should be worn. We all reach for the straighteners when we don’t have time to elaborate our styles in that hour before work. Time is precious and straight hair is quick.

Straight Hair

Strong partings are once again acceptable with straight hair. They create a gorgeous band of light, making the hair look almost ‘glassy’. I would recommend a weekly blow dry with your hairstylist, especially if your hair is difficult to manage. This way all the hard work is done and all you have to do is maintain it. Claire (editor in chief) has her hair blow-dried by myself at the beginning of the working week and on a Friday. Leaving her locks ‘weekend ready’.

The Products

When styling at home, the ‘go to’ product I recommend is a suitable smoothing cream or spray to work through wet hair before blow drying. Label M relaxing balm is perfect for thick, coarse hair. Used sparingly it can protect from heat damage, ease frizz, and hold your sleek style for days. Claire’s personal favourite for this is the No Inhibition smoothing cream.

Straight Hair

It keeps her hair looking sleek and shiny and performs like a shield against the elements! Another great pre-blow dry product is the Milkshake Incredible Oil, a lightweight leave-in treatment for all hair types. The fragrance is amazing. Think of it as a moisturising perfume for your hair, it even helps repair split ends!

After drying the hair with the appropriate product, it’s time to reach for our all-time favourite hair tool. The GHD Platinum Styler. A great tip for straightening your hair is to take a small section at a time and use a comb when gliding the irons through the hair. The comb creates tension which will help make your hair straighter and keep it that way for longer.

The perfect finishing product for your super sleek look has to be the No Inhibition fluid gloss. It seals the cuticles and tames fly away strands and static. A little goes a long way with this wonderful elixir. There you have the perfect recipe for ultra-chic straight hair.


7th November 2017

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    Nicky Burke

    20th September 2017

    Lovely read and spot on easy to follow advice…you never let me down Nathan



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