How to Maximise Your Hair Colour

Hair Colour

We all love the gorgeous results when leaving the hair salon, especially when it involves a gorgeous new hair colour and a stunning blow dry. It’s a costly appointment though and takes a few hours to complete, so to get the most out of your salon visit the question is ‘how do we give our colour the longevity it deserves?’

Lucky for you, I’ve put together a maintenance checklist with my amazing artistic director Nathan, and the products you will need to assure those freshly coloured, luscious locks stay fabulous until your next ‘big’ salon visit.

The Shampoo and Conditioner

A vital ingredient for stunning looking hair. A good colour shampoo and conditioner will help enhance and protect the tones in your hair. It reduces colour fading and moisturises as colour treatments can leave hair feeling dry and dehydrated.

Hair Colour


SACHAJUAN Colour Protect Shampoo, 250ml – Net-A-Porter £20

SACHAJUAN Colour Protect Conditioner, 250ml – Net-A-Porter £22


A Tangle Teezer

Helping detangle any knots and smooth the hair cuticles, these are a godsend to keep in the shower. Running one of these from the scalp to the tips of your hair (whilst the conditioner is on) will ensure the conditioner is worked through every single strand.

Hair Colour

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler, Gold Rush – £12.49 – John Lewis


The ‘At Home’ Treatment/Masque

I always advise an occasional treatment at home. Used in place of your regular conditioner once a week/fortnight. Treatments tend to be more intense than a conditioner and contain more repairing qualities. Healthy hair will reflect more light, ultimately portraying your colour as it should look instead of dry and dull.


Hair Colour


Ouai Haircare Treatment Masque, 8 x 9ml – Net-A-Porter – £25

Hair Oil

Hair oils are great for adding shine and lustre. Many now contain heat protection and UV filters, they are best used on wet hair before blow drying. Hair oils work well when heat is applied; helping the ingredients absorb into the hair cuticles.

Hair Colour

milk_shake® Integrity Incredible Oil £24.99 – £43.99



An absolute must with any in-salon colour service. This game-changing tonic is mixed (by your stylist) into the colour being applied to your hair and sealed with a lotion at the basin. Olaplex actually repairs the broken bonds in the hair whilst the colour is developing (I know…INCREDIBLE!) Fuller hair with less damage ultimately means your colour will be truer, healthier and shinier. Be sure to ask your stylist about Olaplex as it is an optional service.

Salon Visits

On top of all this; I highly recommend weekly salon visits! Your stylist can monitor your colour more easily this way. They can use a toner when needed, or apply a more ‘heavy duty’ treatment for ultimate repair, plus you get a fabulous blow dry too!

2nd January 2018