Winter Hair Remedies from Milkshake Haircare

Milkshake Haircare

The winter months can really take their toll on our hair. The colour, shine, and texture are all affected. Mainly, because we lack vitamin D from that bit of sunshine we have through the summer months. This vitamin D usually helps with our wellbeing and the health of our hair, skin, and nails. Without this key ingredient, we have to find other ways to help keep our hair hydrated. It is vital that we keep on top of hair treatments and use the correct products to add that moisture that our hair is craving at this time of year. Oils, creams and leave in conditioners will help protect the hair from further dryness and breakage.

Here at OneChicMom, we have compiled the perfect Winter Hair Remedies checklist. You know how much we love Milkshake Haircare products and the Integrity range certainly doesn’t disappoint.


Check out these Milkshake Haircare Products

Milkshake Integrity Shampoo and Conditioner – £15.89 300 ml

This fabulous moisturising shampoo and conditioner are rich in nutritious ingredients which will enliven dull looking locks.

Milkshake Integrity Intensive Treatment – £36.29

This treatment is fantastic at taming frizz and smoothing the hair cuticle that cold, dry weather can leave hair looking brittle and unloved.

Milkshake Integrity Incredible Oil – from £24.99

This is my all-time favourite product from the Milkshake range. It fixes everything. I’ve seen this fab stuff literally ‘fix’ split ends.

Milkshake Leave-in Conditioner – £16.79

This is a great pre-blowdry product. It’s moisturising and lightweight. The perfect solution for finer hair lacking lustre.

Milkshake Smoothing Cream – £16.49

This is a great blow drying product for taming frizz and creating super smooth, shiny looking hair.




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