5 Top Ways to help Reduce Plastic Pollution

There is not a day that passes that there isn’t at least one story on the news headlines, about the devastating effects that single use plastics are having on our oceans.  I strongly believe that we all have a responsibility to take action. Here are 5 ideas to get you started.


Say goodbye to your plastic straws and switch to a stainless steel one. I got mine from Amazon, they come in a little of twelve, with dedicated cleaning brushes. Carry one around in your bag, so the next time you are offered a straw with your beverage you can politely decline.

Plastic Pollution

Set of 12 Stainless Steel Straws – Amazon £8.99


Style up your usual plastic lunchbox for one of these BPA free reusable Bento boxes. They make lunch preparation  an absolute breeze and are a perfect size for a healthy lunch.

Plastic Pollution

Pento Bento All-in-one Stackable 2 Tier Bento Lunch Box – Bamboo White – Amazon £19.99


Say no to disposable cutlery, it’s ugly, uncomfortable to eat from and bad news for plastic pollution too. Consider carrying your own reusable set around with you.


Plastic Pollution

Joseph Joseph GoEat Space Saving Stainless Steel Cutlery Set – Grey – Amazon £14.00

Fortnum & Mason

Take a reusable shopping bag with you to shop. Yes, we all know we should but how many of us have a boot full of these bags and always forget to take them to the shop with us.

Plastic Pollution

Fortnum’s Bag for Life – Medium – Fortnum and Mason £6.95



Stop buying water in plastic bottles, install a water filter and buy a reusable water bottle. Lots of companies make these now; my favourites are from HydrateM8, who stock a wide range of colours and styles. They do these perfect little sizes bottles too, just for kids.

Plastic Pollution

Grey 900ML Hydration Tracker Water Bottle – HydrateM8 £14.99


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