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You don’t need to travel far to experience, gorgeous weather, stunning beaches, and sample mouth-watering cuisine. Just whisk yourself off to the beautiful Greek island of Santorini. This fabulous destination boasts stunning coastlines, crystal clear blue seas, and traditional white-wash buildings. The most luxurious of the Greek islands, this dreamy location just keeps giving.

The volcanic island emerges from the Aegean Sea with its rugged cliffs and beaches. Modern simplicity and pure luxury combine to make Santorini one of the most stunning Mediterranean destinations. Perfect for a romantic getaway.

We have teamed up with travel experts Elegant Resorts to bring to you all of the facts about this beautiful island. After all, if it’s good enough for the Kardashians, it’s good enough for you and me!

We asked Senior Product Manager for Europe & North Africa at Elegant Resorts, Mr. Paul Britchford, a few questions about Santorini.


Why Visit Santorini

“Come here to relax and drink the Santorini wine in the legendary sunsets. Toast your excellent choice from the jacuzzi on your private terrace overlooking the iconic caldera. With beautiful boutique hotels delivering world-class service and a host of experiences to enjoy on the island, it’s easy to see why Santorini is so popular.”

“Shaped by a volcano back in the 16th Century, the islands two main towns of Oia and Fira are located along the rim of this picturesque caldera. It is easy to reach with several direct flights a week, meaning you can escape for a short break or longer escape. There are a few beach clubs, but don’t think of Santorini as a beach destination. It is more of a romantic, book devouring, relaxing escape; with all the luxury hotels located at the cliff-top overlooking the caldera. The views are to die for, with more than enough on the island to keep you busy when your Kindle is charging!”


Things to Do

“The wines here are excellent, but due to the small volumes, the Greeks are understandably keeping it on the island! There are several wineries to explore from the caldera view — from Santo Wines to the more relaxed Domaine Sigalas (tasting only). Even if you don’t make it to the winery, seek out a beautifully chilled Gavalas, with its distinctive blue bottle that matches the blue of the church domes of Oia and the blue of the caldera view, it is true Santorini in a glass.”

“You cannot come to Santorini and not venture out onto the water, especially to take in an uninterrupted sunset. Elegant Resorts can offer either a fully private or semi-private catamaran cruise around the Caldera to one or two of the beaches, enjoying some swimming stops and onboard barbecue before mooring up to toast the sunset.”

It’s surprising to find the archaeological site of Akrotiri on Santorini. An ancient Greek settlement buried by the volcanic ash of the 1627 eruption. Like those of the much more recent Pompeii, the remains are well preserved. It’s a  fascinating trip to take with a guide who will bring the site to life.”


Bar and Restaurant Recommendations

Santoro at the Grace Santorini hotel offers award-winning haute cuisine which is only rivaled by its stunning view. If you are not lucky enough to be staying here, arrive in time to enjoy one of the best vantage points for the sunset – their 363 Champagne Bar – before dining on a highly inventive menu created by their talented young Greek chef.

Last year Buddha Bar arrived on Santorini, with its chic mix of sounds, shisha, and sushi with a sunset backdrop.

Yalos Beach Club delivers gastronomy by the sea. Spend the day relaxing on the black sand beach and enjoy a lunch comprising of the freshest seafood with local produce. It is a journey worth making.

At Lycabettus Restaurant at the Andronis Suites, they offer just one exclusive cover per night for their special dining and wine pairing menu. You are treated to a gastronomic journey, set on a stunning cliff top location with uninterrupted views of the Caldera, but book before you go to avoid any possible disappointment.”


When To Visit

“The peak time travel is June to August, but I prefer September to early October as the weather is still great, but the island is less busy – relatively speaking.”

Santorini by Elegant Resorts

“Elegant Resorts is an established luxury tour operator, and this year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary. We have a global portfolio featuring luxury five-star hotels, resorts and villas. Elegant Resorts excel at providing tailor-made journeys for our esteemed clients. Our expert Travel Consultants and Concierge team ensure that every detail is taken care of. Our Elegant Resorts Travel App is available for booked clients to seamlessly access every detail of their booking.”



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