Hair Extensions – To Fake or Not to Fake?

Ok so let’s just say it, our CEO Claire is growing out her hair. Not that she is impatient (not much lol), but I have the daily task of enhancing her hair with beautiful extensions. Let’s face it, ladies, there are a few times in life when it is okay to fake it. The question is, would we go as far as wearing ‘fake’ hair?! With quick fix cosmetics such as Botox and Fillers taking the world by storm, is it such a big deal if we decide to enhance our locks?

Celebrity Hair Extensions

Admittedly, these days it is so hard to tell when ladies are wearing hair extensions. The application methods are so advanced. Years ago; Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston and Britney Spears were all perfect examples of Celebs that we knew were faking it in the hair department.

Remember what happened after the ‘hair extensions’ phase. Jennifer and Posh went for the bob, and poor Britney went entirely off the chart and shaved her head, leading us to believe that the extensions, once removed, left the ladies natural hair feeling dry, damaged and much thinner. The only answer was to have their natural hair chopped.

Hair extensions have come a long way since the days of messy ‘glue’ application methods. A good job really, because Claire would never be able to cope with permanent extension lol, she struggles enough with false nails!  I have recently played around with a new look for her that consisted of a lengthier ‘do’ using non-branded clip-ins. This got me super excited as I’ve never been keen on the more permanent options. Since then I have been on a mission to find the highest quality, non-glue hair extensions!

We all love to mix up how we look and with these brands changing your hair could be as simple as changing your outfit.

Hair Rehab London

This amazing new brand has taken the UK by storm. Fronted by the gorgeous Lauren Pope from the ‘love it or hate it’ show ‘The only way is Essex.’ Hair Rehab has had numerous celebrity endorsements and appeared in top fashion and style magazines. You can colour match on the website. All you have to do is book the appointment with your regular stylist to shape them into your current style. With next day delivery options available, you could be channelling the latest hair trends sooner than you think.

Balmain Hair Couture

This fashion house has been established in the hair sector for 40 years. The hair pieces are inspired by catwalk looks. The great thing about this brand is it offers the aftercare and styling products to help protect and maintain your hair extensions.



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