Cosy Autumn

There has been a noticeable drop in temperature and we’re beginning to notice shorter evenings. The shops are filling with Autumn colours with their clothes are our thoughts turn to cosy nights in. All the big TV shows are back on our screens (some say thankfully) so how are we going to cope with these long dark nights?

I LOVE this time of year, one because Strictly and Bake Off are back………yes I am one of those women…….but mainly because from October the 1st we have an excuse for a party every month and we have all of September to plan it.

ONCE we’ve got all those birthdays sorted. Anyone else have a lot of birthdays in September?

Some say all the best people are born in September once you know that our lovely Claire gets the ball rolling on the 5th.

It’s also the month of harvest so for those inclined. It’s a great time to get involved with preserving and bottling, a tradition born out of necessity that’s thankfully making a come back.

How about making that traditional Christmas cake?

It fills your house with warm, delicious smells. A real smell of home and comfort (a great tip if you need to sell your house is have the smell of baking when you have a viewing).

The sense of well-being you’ll experience after either or both cannot be under estimated.

After all that hard work how about relaxing with a glass of hot cider or mulled wine?

Recipe – Hot Cider

1. Pour at least a litre of cider into a large pan. Use apple cider for best results
2. Add Maple Syrup to taste
3. Make a little bundle in a clean cloth (about 30cm/12inch square) and place a cinnamon stick, cloves, all spice berries, fresh orange and lemon peel. Tie together with kitchen string and place in the pan with the cider.
4. Heat to just below boiling point and let it infuse for 15 to 20mins.
5. Then all you to do is fill a large glass, put your feet up and enjoy.

Recipe – Mulled Wine

1. Put in a large pan at least a litre of red wine. As with all things, the better the wine the better the result.
2. Here’s the handy tip, you use exactly the same combination of flavours in a bundle as you do the hot cider……..obviously a fresh bundle!!!
3. …..& you heat the pan to just below boiling point letting it sit for 15 to 20mins.
4. You can give it an extra kick by adding a shot of Port or Brandy.
5. Please drink responsibly, remember wine is considerably stronger than cider without the Port or Brandy. I can guarantee a lovely warm glow though.

Well, how do you feel about the change of season now?

So light your favourite candle, put your feet up and relax, I can feel the warmth and glow from the office ……..and Oh those smells…….I’m feeling all nostalgic. We’ll help get you through every event and season with a smile on your face here at OneChicMom.


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