New Fragrances from Maison Lancome

Since introducing Claire to Maison Lancome and La Vie Est Belle a few years ago, she’s been a bit of a Lancome fragrance devotee. When we saw these fabulous new bottles launched we wanted to know more. Claire likes something that looks and smells expensive; these three certainly fit the bill.

A trio of 100ml Eau de Parfums, each one having its distinct personality, encased in a cut crystal bottle adorned with gold. The back of each bottle has an imprint of the exquisite ingredients held within, and the side holds the Lancome recipe.

Iris Dragee

Iris Dragee is beautifully balanced extracts of Iris, one of the most expensive of perfumer’s ingredients incidentally, made almost edible wrapped in delicious sugared almond notes. A lingering, sensual scent that leaves a fragrance trail and those in your wake wanting more.

Iris Dragees

Iris Dragees Eau De Parfum – £155.00 Lancome

Orange Bigardes

Oranges Bigardes an uplifting scent with the freshness and sunshine of a stroll through a Valencian orchard. The bitter orange extract helps that sunshine stay with you all day. A black tea base note giving it that point of difference you’d expect from a quality house like Lancome. It stands out from all the other fruity fragrances flooding the market at the moment.

Orange Bigardes

Oranges Bigarades Eau de Parfum – £155.00 Lancome

Santal Kardaman

Santal Kardaman is an exotic, mysterious fragrance of Sandalwood and spice. The rich earthy notes of Sandalwood are given a freshness by the Green Cardamon leaving you wrapped in a cashmere blanket of warmth and softness.

Santal Kardaman

Santal Kardamon Eau De Parfum – £155.00 Lancome

I was spoilt for choice as they cover all my tastes and moods. Let’s face it we don’t wear the same outfit for every occasion so why would we wear one fragrance. Even at a £155, each those bottles look SO stunning I would love to have all three. They would enhance my fragrance wardrobe beautifully. Be honest girls, who hasn’t bought a bottle of fragrance just because they like the bottle?


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