Top 10 Advent Calendars for the Whole Family, Including the Dog!

If you love tradition, then an Advent Calendar is a must. It is traditional in most homes to have an advent calendar in the house for each person at home and why not include the dog this year? We always smile at Claire, who insists on having one of those old-fashioned pictures only advent calendars. But for the rest of us it’s chocolate all the way.

We have come up with the 10 best edible advent calendars suitable for all the family they are all delicious and magical enough to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Advent Calendars

1. Hotel Chocolat up to Snow Good Children’s Advent Calendar – £8.00

This chocolate calendar is perfect for all kids at Christmas time, the snowy penguin display is adorable and super festive and each chocolate has a character moulded into It behind each door.

2. Hotel Chocolat Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar – £12.50

Hotel Chocolat make some of the most luxurious chocolates that taste amazing, here is one for the grown-ups to enjoy on the run up to Christmas. They have so many different chocolate options but you can’t beat a simple yet delicious milk chocolate treat.

3. Thornton’s the Snowman and the Snowdog £7.00

This is another great advent calendar for any child, personalised chocolate slab for Christmas day and inspired by the snowman which is a classic Christmas story and film.

A Little Luxury

4. Lindt Chocolate Advent Calendar £8.99

Everybody loves a Lindt chocolate treat at Christmas so why not have one every day up till Christmas? This 24-door calendar has a small chocolate surprise in each door and an iconic reindeer surprise waiting to be opened on Christmas eve.

5. Cadburys Dairy Milk Advent Calendar £2.19

You can never go wrong with a Cadburys advent calendar, it is a classic and kids all-time favourite With a countdown of 24 days until Christmas it is a perfect joyful that just screams Christmas!

6. Green and Black’s Luxury Advent Calendar £10.99

A milk and dark chocolate advent calendar which looks elegant and festive, a great combination of treats to be enjoyed on the run up to Christmas. This is Green and Blacks first advent calendar and we think they’ve smashed it.

7. Godiva Advent Calendar £20.00

This advent calendar by Godiva is another beautifully festive designed calendar fit for the adults at home to enjoy, there is 25 treats to keep you going until Christmas day and they will make each passing moment more and more enjoyable.

8. Fortnum and Mason Children’s Advent Calendar £20.00

This beautiful Fortnum and Mason advent calendar looks very seasonal and festive it is perfect for getting the kids in the spirit and magical feeling ready for Christmas day. With a treat for every day up till Christmas.

9. Maltesers Advent Calendar £2.99

A classic and very popular Maltesers advent calendar for anyone at home to enjoy, have a delicious Christmas treat each day throughout December up until Christmas and a reindeer surprise will be hiding behind one of the doors on Christmas Eve.

And for The Dog

10. Lilly’s Kitchen Advent Calendars for Dogs £10.00

You can’t leave your best buddy out at Christmas… yes I am talking about the dog! why not treat them to an advent calendar this year, get them excited for the big day too!


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