Mary Poppins Returns

Christmas came, and the wind changed. Guess what it brought with it… the sensational Emily Blunt as the worlds favourite nanny Mary Poppins! That’s right she is back in business with more magic than you shake an umbrella at!

This movie had an awful lot to live up to. I am a huge fan of the 1964 classic, and in my opinion, Ms. Blunt had a lot to live up to. Julie Andrews defined the roll, and if you ask me, Emily Blunt took on the challenge head-on and did her proud. Her singing is faultless, and her sheer Britishness complemented the roll perfectly.

Mary Poppins Returns Official Trailer


This installment has a very similar flow to the original. Michael and Jane Banks are back all grown up. Michael (now a widower) has three young children running wild as he struggles to make ends meet. House cook ‘Ellen’ (Julie Walters) is losing the plot. Michael’s Sister Jane is not far away to lend a hand, but this just isn’t enough so who should appear in the park on a blustery day? You guessed it…

As you can imagine their journey to good behaviour is far from boring. They meet some crazy, fun loving characters on their travels as well as a cute dolphin in the bathtub! One of my favourite scenes is where Mary Poppins calls on her distant cousin Topsy (Meryl Streep) for a favour. Unfortunately, Topsy is not quite feeling herself on this particular day, and everything seems to be ‘Turning Turtle’.

Mary Poppins Returns really is a gem for all ages, definitely one for all the family. It has a star-studded cast including Colin Firth, Angela Lansbury, and Emily Mortimer. Dick Van Dyke also makes a comeback as he dances to the rescue playing Mr. Dawes Jr. (from the bank). Last but by no means least the charming LinManuel Miranda as Jack the lamplighter who plays Mary’s sidekick in her adventures really steals the show. This is definitely one I would want to see again.

One might even say this film is… Practically perfect in every way!


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