Life Hacks – Top Ten Uses for Baby Wipes

We’ve all had little people in our lives and used numerous amounts of baby wipes, but did you realise just how useful these handy little baby wipes are are for us big people too? Honestly I don’t know how we’ve lived without them.

Here are a few uses you may not have thought of:

1. It will remove all makeup from your clothes including oil-free foundation, yes ladies even Double Wear.

2. Clean your keyboards and remote controls.

3. Removes hair dye from skin home hair colourants or enthusiastic hairdressers.

4. Great for removing eye makeup.

5. Cleans dust off house plants, leaves them really shiny.

6. Keep handy when you are painting your nails to correct those little errors.

7. Cleans gym equipment, yoga mats, and general used public spaces, i.e., toilet seats.

8. Keep a pack in the car not only for grubby hands but petrol spills and bird droppings/stray insects off window screens.

9. At the beach cleans off sand and salt water and will freshen up any perspiration ready for the bar or car (great for festivals too if those showers are too…..err……challenging).

10. Attach to end of brush or mop for high areas, dust/cobwebs stick to the cloth.

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