Female-empowered Netflix Faves Spring 2019

Girl Power is all the rage right now! The Spice Girls are joining forces once again for another Tour. Michelle Obama is considering running for office! Honestly, the world is at a turning point. Women are finally kicking ass!

I don’t know about you, but we at OneChicMom are noticing a rise in female leads in movies and box-sets. Women of all colours, nationalities, shapes, and sizes are gracing TV and Cinema screens. You only have to glance at the coverage of the Oscars Awards Ceremony this year to see women reigned supreme. We’ve got some big female names in the entertainment industry sending out some pretty big messages in films and series this year.

Netflix is hosting some great examples of these currently. Rebel Wilson, Jennifer Anniston and Amy Schumer are all taking the lead and empowering women. Through comedy and drama, these famous Hollywood hotties cover body issues, expectations, relationships, and parenting. Here are our favourites on Neflix right now.

If you’re not already get yourself hooked up with a Netflix account.


Dumplin’ deals with the loss of her Aunt. Meanwhile, the relationship with her mother Jennifer Anniston is put to the test during a beauty pageant fuelled with the musical talents of Dolly Parton. Funny, heart-warming.

Isn’t it Romantic

OneChicMom favourite Rebel Wilson is ever so cynical when it comes to romance, but when she is mugged on the subway one evening her life turns into a real-life rom-com. ‘How could anyone seriously love me?’ Is the question she asks herself when heartthrob Liam Hemsworth won’t let her say No! Tongue in Cheek, feel good spoof!

I feel Pretty

Feeling completely inadequate one minute to feeling super sexy, sassy and mega confident the next; it’s amazing what a ‘Spin’ class can do especially when your Amy Schumer. Inspiring and motivational. It’s great to see a curvier lady owning what she’s got and inspiring women to accept who they are in all of their glory.


This is a great watch. Very much a “when life throws you Lemons” kinda movie. Alfre Woodard takes matters into her own hands when she is completely taken advantage of by her three grown-up children, boss, and men in her life. She takes a trip to escape it all. As you can imagine, she makes some discoveries on her journey.

Nappily Ever After

Sanaa Lathan undergoes a dramatic Hairstyle change after living so strictly to the book. She is continually trying to impress her super conservative mother. A young girl she be-friends helps her look within herself, helping her to loosen up, stop taking life so seriously and accept her glorious self, regardless of expectations!

Workin Mums

This is a laugh out loud series! It focuses on the transition into motherhood and how we all deal with it differently. You have every kind of mum thrown into this. If your a working mom I can guarantee you will relate to at least one of the characters. Same sex parenting couples, the unhappy wife, the ‘perfect’ not so perfect mom and (last but not least) the mom that appears to have it all under control and looks super hot at the same time.


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