Is There Such a Thing as a Worklife Balance?

We are non-stop these days, regardless of whether you are single or have a family. The pressures of a 24/7 working environment, and the continuous bombardment of emails, and the acceptance of personal invasion and access to you, whether you are at work, at home, or even while you sleep; makes the dream of a worklife balance seem impossible to achieve.

Worklife Balance – The Circle of Life

In an ideal world, living a balanced lifestyle would consist of making time for all areas of our lives. To examine how balanced your work-life is, google ‘The Circle of Life’ which will show you a template and give you an idea of the areas of your life that you need to address to enable you to achieve the dream. Areas that you may consider for your work-life balance may include, Family, Joy, Health, Career, Spirituality, Education, Finances, Friends, Travel and relationships.

The Circle of life is exactly that, a circle which is sectioned with all your life’s priorities within it. In the middle of the circle is the rating zero, which represents zero activity for that genre of your life, e.g., Joy; on the perimeter is the rating 10, which represents the maximum attention given. The idea is that you rate each area of your life from 0 to 10. If you put a dot at the score rating of all areas and then join them up, you will end up with what looks like a circle. I like to call this circle ‘The Wheel of Life.’So, the question is, how wonky is your wheel? After joining all the dots, you will realise what your work-life balance looks like, don’t worry if it doesn’t even resemble a wheel, you are in good company.

You Will Gain Awareness

The good news is, now at least you have an awareness and a starting point. Once a month review your ‘Wheel’ to examine, remark, and hopefully improve your work-life balance, you may even have to reduce a score in one area to improve a score in another, e.g., pay less attention and time to work, and give more time and attention to your family commitments.

Examining your wheel will give you an overview of what contributions you have given to each genre at your starting point, and what improvements you have made. Remarking your wheel should hopefully show improvements you have made to realise your work-life balance, and give you less of a wonky wheel. Having an overview and an awareness of your ‘Wheel of Life’ will certainly give you more awareness of your work-life balance, and a clear vision of how you can gain improvements in all areas of your life.

Remember, the more balanced your wheel is, the better your worklife balance will be. Ultimately the more comfortable the journey of life will be.


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