5 Beauty Tips to Help You Achieve Effortless Chic

by OneChicMom

OMG trying to get everything done in the morning can sometimes seem impossible. Believe me; I get it, I really do. Kids, work, pets, house, the list goes on! I am even trying to schedule time in the morning to go to the throw in some exercise, which at this point is only achievable if I get up at 3am! This aside I still want to look my best, so fast beauty fixes are in order. Here’s my 5 top beauty tips for effortless chic.

Get A Blow Dry

Bad hair days can seriously affect a woman’s confidence. When my hair looks bad, I generally feel lower. My top tip is to invest in a good hair dryer, straighteners, and products that really work with your hair. I prefer GHD for the hairdryer and straighteners and am totally in love with Milkshake hair products. They are a little more expensive, but they are totally worth the price tag. Better still invest in a weekly appointment with your stylist for a professional blow dry.

Stop Plucking Your Own Eyebrows

This is one of those beauty tips that will stop endless stresses. OMG plucking eyebrows is a complete nightmare. They never look quite balanced. Over plucked eyebrows can give your face a harsh appearance. Full brows are back, but they still need to look tidy. So quit the tweezers and book a regular appointment with your beautician. Honestly, for around £10 every month it’s not worth the stress or the effort of doing them yourself.

Maintain the Balance

When it comes to make-up, it’s either red lipstick or smoky eyes, but never, ever both. If you are going for statement eyes, then balance it with a nude or neutral lip colour.

Get a Regular Manicure

I’ve seen my nails without a manicure, and after one, so it’s a no-brainer really, I have to have it done on a regular basis. A slick of colour can completely transform your nails. I don’t like nail extensions or infills, so I like to alternate between gel polish on my real nails or I just a slick of colour with one of my favourite colours from OPI.

Beauty Tips – Don’t Forget Your Feet

Look after your feet. Even though may be hidden under fluffy winter socks, boots and slippers, believe me, you will still benefit from a regular pedicure. Neglected feet are not chic. Again I would book in for a regular pedicure with your beautician and between visits keep your feet maintained with good hygiene and a quality foot lotion.




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