Eco Gift Wrapping

Over the years, the art of gift wrapping has undoubtedly evolved. With a plethora of different wraps, ribbons, glitter, and present toppers, gone are the days of merely wrapping a gift in a sheet of wrapping paper. While this could be great fun, it’s a big no-no for the environment. Most of the commercial wrapping paper, bows, and gift tags that you buy are non-recyclable and are toxic to the environment. So if you love gift wrapping, check out these Eco Gift Wrapping alternatives.

Eco Gift Wrapping Alternatives


    • I’m a massive fan of simple brown paper. Yes, it’s still paper, but it can be recycled. Jazz this up with pretty stars drawn on in silver and gold pen.
    • Tissue paper is an excellent choice, as it biodegrades quickly and can be thrown straight onto the compost heap.
    • Instead off using plastic tape, use twine, or sticky paper tape.
    • Dress up your gifts with pretty reusable ribbon, I buy spools of reusable ribbon from haberdashery shops and collect and reuse fabric throughout the year from flowers and other gifts.
    • Make your gift tags from last year’s Christmas and Birthday Cards.
    • Make your present toppers, flowers and greenery bound with pretty reusable ribbon are perfect. Twigs of fir or pine cones, and wooden stars will look magnificent at Christmas.


Not only will you be positively helping the environment, but the recipients will so appreciate your pretty and genuinely unique gifts.

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