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OneChicMom Advertising Opportunities

We measure all adverts via the DFP, which is run by Google DoubleClick for Publishers, which OneChicMom can use to provide insights for all performance related questions for Impressions and clicks, on average an advert costs as little as £25.00 per 1000 impressions.

Advert Type                   Size                            CPMOneChicMom

Leaderboard                    728 x 90                       £25.00

MPU                                  300 x 250                     £39.00

Double Skyscraper         300 x 600                     £64.00


Homepage Sponsorship                                           POA

Fashion Page Sponsorship                                      POA

Beauty Page Sponsorship                                        POA

Celebrity Page Sponsorship                                    POA

Food Page Sponsorship                                            POA

Lifestyle Page Sponsorship                                      POA

Relationships Page Sponsorship                             POA

Pregnancy and Parenting Page Sponsorship        POA


All rates are subject to current rate of VAT, all prices are subject to change and editorial availability.

All rates are subject to a minimum spend of £250.00.

If you are interested in advertising on this site, please email: or register your interest for future offers by entering your email address in the box below.

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