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by OneChicMom
Businesswoman, Wife and Housewife and Mom

Hi, I’m Claire, mom, businesswoman, wife, and housewife. Yep, I do consider myself to be all four, and yes I want to be all four, along with entrepreneur, friend, daughter, sister, and philanthropist and maybe, just maybe a little time for just for Me!

Yes, it’s sometimes a struggle, but I couldn’t possibly imagine my life with anything of these roles missing. Especially being a businesswoman.

I am not saying I am the busiest person in the World, or I have any obstacles that are any worse than anyone else’s, but I do have ALOT going on, and I do strive to be the best I can in all areas of my life.

Some would say I am a bit of a control freak as a businesswoman, and yes, I believe that I am, but I enjoy running my own businesses, being a mum and running the household. My husband was a stay at home dad while my son was younger, so even though they benefitted tremendously, I did feel that I missed out on a lot of time with him returning to work so quickly after he was born.

He now works with me, so at last, I feel that we are making up for the lost time now.

What I have learned over the years is how to plan to get a more balanced life. I do believe we can have it all, but that takes effort and commitment to the goals to get you there. I haven’t completely achieved the balance in life that I strive for, but with determination and focus, it certainly gets better.

The most important thing to do is enjoy the journey, be in the present. OneChicMom is all about how I do it, with priceless insights from the people who inspire me.

Hope you enjoy x

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