Deck the Halls with some Christmas Lighting


Deck the halls and National Lampoon Vacations are perfect movies for inspiration for your outdoor Christmas lights. This could be the year when you go all out with the tree-like “The Griswalds” or wild with the lights like the “Hall’s”. Although these two families had very extreme levels of Christmas decorating, they certainly had a lot of fun whilst doing it.

After this year no one would argue if your Christmas Lights light up your home up like a Beacon. Or maybe you prefer a more subtle winter wonderland.

If your home is a cute little chocolate box or a huge mansion there are perfect lights and decorations to suit any home. Even if you are short on space or have no garden you can still find outdoor Christmas Decor to suit.

How much is too much?

Most homes choose a contemporary string of bulbs whilst others go all out. When I say all out, they even stop traffic they are so eye-catching. Good or bad Christmas decor is a very personal taste.

Lighting up your home for the festive seasons can be a costly affair. But at least they can be reused year and year. However, the electricity bills though might be a factor to take into consideration.

Christmas Lighting

Christmas lighting has come along way over the years and you can now choose from an array of choices like projectors, led lights and inflatable options.

Some choices which we have found online are shown below but if you do your research you too could deck the halls so that your home can be seen from space! Maybe you love Christmas and want to create an eye-catching display that people would make a donation to charity to see. There really are no restrictions just enjoy it and have fun.

Christmas Light inspiration
Garden Trading Outdoor Festoon Lights RRP £45.00
HomeBase 4ft infaltable Santa in Sleigh RRP £45.00
John Lewis Alistair the Snowman LED Light RRP £100.00
Argos 480 Snowing Icicle LED Christmas Lights RRP £65.00
Trio Of Light Up Penguins
Not on The Highstreet Trio of Light Up Penguins RRP £93.00

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