Emma Bridgewater Storage Solutions


Emma Bridgewater is one of our favourite brands and they have some stylish storage solutions for any home. What’s fantastic about the brand is that it’s so different from anything else on the market.

In fact, that’s the reason why Emma Bridgewater launched the brand in the first place. She wanted kitchen and tableware that had style and personality and she couldn’t find this on the high street. This motivated her to design and create the iconic brand we know and love today.  Based in Hanley, Stoke on Trent and employing over 180 people, popularity has seen the brand go from strength to strength.

With an eye-watering sale online featuring the 2020 collection, they have just launched some new pieces which offer some superb storage solutions for the home. The Emma Bridgewater brand offers quality as well as style so why not invest in some stylish storage for your home.

Storage Solutions from Emma Bridgewater

Emma Bridgewater Storage Tins

Emma Bridgewater Fruits Square Storage Tins Prices From RRP £40.00

These super stylish Storage Tins come in a set of three sizes. They are perfect storage for the Kitchen, whether that’s biscuits, cakes or baking items. They can hold a vast amount, keeping your kitchen or larder neat and tidy.

Trio of Storage pots

Emma Bridgewater Trio of Storage Pots RRP £12.00

This cute trio is designed to store your homegrown herbs with versatility they could be the perfect storage for your wooden spoons and utensils. Incredibly useful and beautifully designed they would look lovely on any kitchen windowsill.

Trio Apple Storage Caddies

Emma Bridgewater Set of three Storage Caddies RRP £25.00 

These Apple-designed caddies are great for housing your Tea, Coffee & Sugar but they could equally house Flour, Oats or Cereals. With amazing flexibility and value for money, they are a great addition for your home storage.

Biscuit Storage Tin

Biscuit Storage Tin – Bumblebee RRP £16.00

This airtight storage tin is designed for biscuits but could equally house coffee pods or crackers. Another storage item with great flexibility to store any contents required.

Emma Bridgewater Strawberry Storage Tin

Vegetable Garden Strawberry Storage Tin RRP £9.00

This cute rectangular Storage Tin would be perfect for storing dishwasher tablets or Sewing Items. As it’s multifunctional it could store a whole host of items, making it perfect to keep your home organised.


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