Covid 19 – How Family Life Changed


Has your family life changed since COVID 19? Who could ever have envisaged that as a nation we would be facing a global pandemic? When you think back to March and the news headlines would we have ever considered that the situation we find ourselves in now would ever become a reality?

Daily, we are all dealing with a threat to our health and the spread of a virus which we still know very little about. The anxiety, stress, and worry have impacted all of our lives and that of our children. Not only has the global pandemic affected our health. It has also our work life, economy, and freedom of movement but the education of our children and their futures for many years to come.

Covid 19 and Family

As a working mother of two, I have also shared this daily anxiety. My eldest son should have sat his GCSE exams this year intending to move onto further education for his chosen career path. Obviously, due to lock down, he did not sit his exams and now his further education path is uncertain. My youngest son has also been remote learning since March as his school was only able to offer school places to the vulnerable and key workers. This is 6 months of schooling which I am certain that he will never get back.

Whilst my family’s situation is worrying and I’m sure you are the same, I have tried to not show this to our children and remain positive throughout. As a parent, you want to protect your children and it is worrying to hear that already many are suffering from anxiety and are fearful of the future.

Continual Challenges

The pandemic continues to provide daily challenges and changes, but we are now adapting to the fact that some of the changes in place are becoming a new normal”. We are getting used to wearing a mask in public and I have encouraged our children to run errands so that they too adapt to this change safely. If our children can return to school in September then I do not want them to be fearful of wearing a mask. I think as a parent you have to make your own choices but for me I want our children to still experience life but in a safe way.

Recently we went camping for a few days and as parents, we felt comfortable that the guidelines put in place for social distancing kept our family safe. This enabled us to have a family holiday and take part in activities which we would have done before lock down. We had to adapt it slightly but it felt good to be able to do this with the necessary safety precautions. 

COVID 19 Eat Out Scheme

We even took part in the government eat out scheme, the restaurants have put in place the government restrictions ie. restricted numbers, hand sanitizers, and high standards of cleanliness. This made us feel that we weren’t taking any unnecessary risks and helping towards the economy. Businesses are struggling and they need everyone’s support no matter how small.

The Future

Our future is still uncertain we have no idea how long these restrictions will be In place. It’s important to try and adapt to these changes. Some of the changes do have their benefits. I much prefer the reduced numbers in supermarkets and stores. I also feel that the GP and pharmaceutical changes are a vast improvement to pre-COVID. 

As a business we have reduced unnecessary expenses and have now future-proofed the business should lockdown be reintroduced. 

I think from a personal point of view I will never take freedom for granted. It’s important to cherish our loved ones as family and health are paramount.


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