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For children, one of the most magical times of the season is writing a letter to Santa. The children like to make sure that when they go to sleep on Christmas Eve, Santa is fully aware of what’s been requested not to mention what’s expected.

Writing letters to Santa is something that I miss now that the boys are grown up. The funny thing is that everyone has a different protocol for how these get to the North Pole. Parents should really swap notes!

From a parents point of view, any writing practice can only be good. Now, its much easier to motivate your child to write a letter than completing their English homework! Furthermore, it gives the parent an insight into their child’s Christmas Gift expectations.

When my boys were younger we generally wrote a letter to Santa, popped it in an envelope and then put it on the fire to go up the chimney to Lapland. Since then these letters have changed quite a bit.

Polar Post

Polar Post offers two options, either a letter, which your child can handwrite themselves. The kit comes with a letter, envelope and postage stamp – all beautifully monogrammed from £10.95. The second option is for your child to receive one from Santa. Written on his official notepaper, bearing the Christmas Coat of Arms. The letter delivers news from the North Pole, weaving in personalised details of your child. Prices from £20.95

Elf on The Shelf Letters to Santa

Elf on the Shelf. Watch the magic unfold as your child’s letter to Santa is transformed into Elf Sized messages that can be delivered to the North Pole. First, the magic Press shrinks your child’s full-size Santa letter into a keepsake ornament which can be hung on the tree. Next it magically overnight the Elves collect the post and the letter is delivered to the North Pole. Prices from £14.99

The Works Christmas Letter to Santa

The Works letter to Santa .: Children will love to write to Santa and his Elves. The kit includes a Letter, Thank you Letter, 2 x festive envelopes, Festive pencil, rubber, sticker sheet and Santa stop here door hanger. RRP £1.00

Santa’s Post Office

Santa Post office: Make this Christmas magical with a Personalised letter from Santa, delivered with an authentic North Pole stamp. Choice of 13 Magical Stories & Designs, with a choice of 17 post scripts interwoven with your child’s details or choose your own script to add. Printed on High-quality paper and addressed to your child. RRP From £4.99

Christmas is a magical time for children so why not make this year extra special by selecting one of these Magical kits. 

Deck the Halls with some Christmas Lighting

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