The 10 Best Board Games for Christmas


As a nation, we traditionally love to play board games over the festive period. Probably because its that time of year when you are surrounded with you family and friends, knee-deep in Quality Streets and have a 45-minute window in the Radio Times slot. Either way, they are a great choice for family fun.

Now the old Board games are still firm favourites with most households, such as Monopoly, Cluedo and Battleship to name a few. However, there are some new games on the market for Christmas 2020 that you might just want to have a go at.

Beat the Parents RRP £13.99

Go head to head in a household battle, kids v’s parents. Parents have to answer trivia about kids stuff and Kids answer questions about parent stuff. Move your counter across the board and the winner is the one which answers the most questions and reaches the other side.

Beat the parents Board game

Who Dunnit Mystery At The Museum Game RRP £19.99

Use your detective skills to solve the mystery at The Museum, with lots of twists and turns along the way. The winner is the person or Team which solves the crime before the opposition.

Who Dunnit Murder Mystery Game


Talking Tables City Escape Room Board Game RRP £35.00

Trapped together inside London Exclusive Gallery, you have 60 minutes to use your skills and knowledge to escape before the time is up.

Escape Room Board Game

First World Problems The Game RRP £17.99

First World problems we all have them, now play the card game highlighting some terrifying and hilarious situations encountered with them.

First World Problems Game

The Cube Board Game RRp £34.00

Can you beat the Cube with these family-friendly challenges? Complete seven rounds of physical and electronic challenges to unlock a further 50 different games.

The Cube Board Game

The Wall Board Game RRP £20.99

The Wall is the ultimate combination of strategy, general knowledge and luck. Suitable for up to 6 players, this family-friendly game will have you all screaming at the ball.

The Wall Board Game

The Very Merry Christmas Game RRP £20.00

The aim of this game is to get the very best present for your stocking. Cracker cards will allow you to steal your opponents present right out of their stocking. If you love Board games and you love Christmas then this is the game for you.

The Very Merry Christmas Board Game

Beat That RRP £24.99

Beat That will have you up on your feet completing a series of hilarious challenges. Whether thats bouncing balls or gargling songs, this game is perfect for endless fun and laughter.

Beat That Board Game

Cluedo Liars edition RRP £15.99

This game is a twist on the original Cluedo Board game. Players need to have a poker face in order to put their components off the scent so that they don’t solve the murder.

Cluedo Liars Edition

Pass the Pugs RRP £7.99

This game is a take on its older Pass the Pigs versions with a very cute new addition. With a throw on the dice, ensure your cute Pugs lands in a wacky way and score points for your team.

Pass the Pugs game

Its safe to say that there are lots of choices available to keep you entertained this Christmas, so which one will you choose?

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