The Three Magic Steps to Beautiful Hair

by Nathan Honeyford

We all dream of beautiful hair. Like anything in life, day to day challenges are so much easier when you tackle them one bit at a time. Obviously, the easiest way to deal with problematic hair is to book in with your stylist for regular maintenance. However, not all of us are blessed with the luxury of excess free time.

(Claire for sure is one of these unlucky souls, she does, however, have the joy of having a professional Hairstylist as an associate… moi!)

The good news is if you follow this fool-proof routine, the dreaded ‘hair-wash’ day will be a thing of the past. With a little practice and perfecting I can guarantee that soon you will be looking forward to what was a chore in the past.

Before we get down to business, jump in the shower and give your hair a good shampoo and condition. Make sure you give your hair a good comb through while the hair is wet.

Beautiful Hair

Step 1 – Pre Blow Dry/styling (Wet Hair)

First things first, making sure your hair is knot-free, establish your parting and comb into place. Distribute your favourite heat protection evenly through the hair. This will act similarly to a primer for your hair and protect it from unwanted heat damage. Apply your preferred styling product and manipulate hair accordingly scrunching or smoothing where necessary.

Step 2 – The Blowdry (Wet to dry)

Now its time for the hard work. Plug in your hairdryer and start blasting until the hair is about 70% dry. It’s at this point you need to start grafting. Section the hair so the bit you are working on is more manageable. Using a brush or your fingers create either a sleek or wavey finish. The hair dryer needs to be on high speed and heat setting. This technique will encourage the products you used in Step 1 to form the shape you want. As each section dries and cools the style will set and most importantly, HOLD! Repeat this until your hair is completely dry.

Optional; now is the time to use additional heat tools; either a curling tong or straighteners. It’s so important to use additional heat protection at this point. A thermal protector (in the form of an aerosol) has a finer mist and distributes more evenly, as it’s drier you will not get the dreaded sizzle and steam when the heat meets the hair.

Step 3 – The Finish

This is when it all comes together! Tease out the blow-dry with a dressing brush. Adjust and perfect the hair, back-comb where volume is needed and fix with hairspray. If the hair is straight use a serum or shine pray as an anti-frizz lock.

One last look in the mirror with an obligatory hair flick, your good to go! Hope this helps!!


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