Make Working from Home a Success

by OneChicMom

Most of us at some point wish that we could work from home. Yes, it has its benefits. You will save money on your daily commute and with no office distraction such as phones and colleagues, you will get more done. Despite this, it isn’t for everyone. To really succeed in working from home you must be disciplined and organised.

Here are my Top Tips to make Working from Home a Success

Behave Like it’s a Normal Work Day

Despite being at home, treat it like you would a typical workday. Get into the right frame of mind early. Get up at your usual time and get dressed as you would do for working in the office. Start work at the same time as you usually would. It’s a good idea to prep your lunch and snacks too. It will kick start your motivation for a productive day.

Have a Designated Office Space

Set up a space separate away from where you eat, relax, sleep and away from distractions. Then you need to optimise your workspace. Do you have enough light and fresh air? Have everything you need for work at hand, laptop, mobile phone, stationary, etc. Keep everything in its place and decluttered.

Grab Some Fresh Air and Take Regularly Breaks

10 minutes away from the desk is a good thing. Get up at regular intervals and take a few minutes away from the desk. A blast of fresh air will clear your head ready to tackle the next challenge.

Plan your Day as you Would in the Office

You wouldn’t start a day in the office without planning your day, so don’t do it at home either. Have a clear plan as to what you want to achieve during the day. Fail to plan, plan to fail ……. Simple.

Keep Work Separate to Your Household Routine

Despite being at home don’t be tempted to let household chores take over the day. Don’t fall into the trap of getting housework done first and letting work duties slide to the end of the day, even though you are at home. Stay sharp and accountable.

Limit Distractions

Don’t be distracted by social media and the internet. Log out of your personal social media accounts and leave them completely alone until you clock off later. No TV either, if you start watching Netflix during your breaks, who knows how long that will go on for.

Have a Quiet Night In

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