Inspirational Women – Stacey

by OneChicMom

There are some amazingly inspirational women out there, and this lady is one of certainly one of them. Her zest for life and enthusiasm to every single project she takes on amazes and inspires us at OneChicMom. Here’s a little bit about her story…

I’m Stacey Flinn–Scholfield , a 36-year-old married mother of one amazing little 7-year-old boy named Bear. Juggling life as a working mother can be challenging. Trying to fit in time for yourself, your partner and your family sometimes can feel impossible, and I am no different. 

Life can sometimes make you feel as though you’re on a Ferris wheel. There are the school runs, working, after school clubs, preparing meals and that’s before I’ve fit in anything just for me.

My husband is in the forces and based in the South, so he is not around in the week, so it’s down to me to make the house run like clockwork. I don’t rely on people and would never ask for help even if I needed it, and maybe this makes me stubborn, I prefer the term self-reliant.

Why Stacey is one of our Inspirational Women

Personally I am no wonder woman, and I do have days where I think I am losing control. I suppose people would call me highly strung as I seem to thrive off stress and pressure. I have no clue how to relax, but that’s what keeps me ticking. My target is to get all jobs and chores completed during the working week so that at the weekend, we can concentrate on family time., this could be walking or going to the seaside or simply having movie days, it means we can get some quality family time.

I also have a really good understanding how amazing my little boy is. He’s my sidekick, he knows the drill Monday to Friday. I drag him to all my fitness classes as well as his own after school clubs and never moans. I feel so fortunate to have Bear. He allows me to have ‘me’ time or maybe its because he knows he will get his own me time! Between all this, I have been renovating our old 1930s semi-detached which has nearly sent me crazy. After 13 months of hard organisation and its finally complete. I honestly think if you can put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

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