Dog Etiquette on those Walkies

by OneChicMom

We all know our dogs love a good walkies. There’s nothing I like more than my daily stroll through the woodland with my dog Star. Remember, though, that dog walkies should be a pleasurable experience for everyone, not just for your dog. Here are a few tips to brush up on your dog etiquette to help your pooch stay top of the class and on the right side of the neighbourhood.

Leashes – Top Tips

I hate to see dogs off leashes on the pavement; in the blink of an eye, your dog could be distracted by absolutely anything and bolt across the road and causing an accident. So top tip no 1, make sure your pooch is on a lead at all times when near the road, Joules stock some wonderful collars and leads.

When off the road, in an area where dogs are allowed off the lead, be aware of other dogs. No-one wants a giant dog bounding over to them, even if it is to play, without checking first. Also, to bear in mind is that the dog on the leash will feel very aware that he is restrained while your dog showboats his freedom rights in front of him. This could result in a spat between the dogs. Call your pooch back, slip on his lead and then go over and maybe have a chat with the owner first.

Dog etiquette tip, do not let your dog bound over to people without dogs either, particularly children. Even the friendliest of dogs may seem scary and at the very least, could send someone flying if they barged into them. 

Don’t forget you may love your dog, but not everyone will, other dogs may not be friendly either.

Other Peoples Gardens

Don’t let your dog walk over other people’s gardens and certainly never, ever allow them to pee or poop on them. Seriously this is not good dog etiquette, but it happens a lot; it’s the height of bad manners. Your pooch will not get away with this. Someone will be watching as your dog secretly squats down to do his business down behind that bush, and the next thing you will both be headline local news!

Gog Etiquette – Poop In General

Yuck, no one likes treading in dog poop. Dogs also have this awful habit of sniffing, if not eating other dogs’ offerings. Yuck, yuck, yuck! So before your dog tucks into this vile snack, clean it up. Use a bio-degradable poop bag and throw it away in the designated bin. Someone very kindly sprayed all the abandoned dog poop on our walk route bright pink. While gross it did highlight the urgency of the problem.

Pets for Christmas – No Thankyou

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