Grow Your Own Herbs

by OneChicMom

Ok so whether it is lack of garden space or lack of time, for the majority of us growing our own food can be just a little too ambitious. During Winter in particular, it’s pretty hard to think about growing anything in the garden. However if you are interested in getting a little green-fingered a great job for this time of year is to grow your own herbs, perfect for home cooking and will save you spending your hard earned cash on those supermarket herbs that only ever last a couple of days.

John Lewis sell a gorgeous enamel herb pot set, including 3 white pots and matching tray for £23.99, which is perfect for a kitchen windowsill.

Here’s my top 5 Grow Your Own Herbs to get you started


My favourite herb and perfect for tomato based dishes. I prefer to grow this wonderfully fragrant herb in little pots on the window sill.

Try this for a great idea: Halve different coloured mini tomatoes into a bowl, add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a few shredded basil leaves and a twist of sea salt and black pepper. Cover and allow to marinate for 30 mins, delicious for adding to salads, or as a bruschetta topping.


Mint is a versatile herb that is an absolute must for any herb garden. One problem is that Mint tends to grow rapidly, so is best to restrict its growth within it’s own pot. Perfect for mint sauce, chopped into salads or even for Mojitos.


This fresh and herb works really well with lots of cooking ingredients and can be used in wide range of dishes. Curly parsley is traditionally a British herb, but I favour the flat leaf (European) parsley.


A fragrant native Mediterranean herb, that grows well in any garden. Chop this hardy herb into stews and stuffings, or roast alongside meats and chicken.


A garden herb used to blend into stuffings and soups. Its flavour accompanies most roasted meats and poultry. Thyme is an excellent herb to accompany tomato-based dishes too.

Yoghurt and Blueberry Muffins

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