5 Things To Remove from Your Bedroom for a Better Nights Sleep

by OneChicMom

What’s not to like about your bedroom? It has two purposes. You sleep in there and you have sex in there. It’s the perfect place to relax and recharge; however, if it’s still a challenge sometimes to get a great night’s sleep, it’s maybe time to look at what you have in your room that may be distracting you away from the perfect snooze.

Dust Mites

If like me you suffer from allergies, it may be time to switch to anti-allergy bedding, including a good pillow and mattress protector. If you have rugs and carpets in your room, then it’s a good idea to remove these if possible. Vacuum regularly with a good machine, I use a Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Don’t forget to turn and vacuum your mattress on a regular basis too.

Light Filtering Curtains

Darkness is a must in the bedroom for a perfect night’s sleep, so steer clear of light curtains and install blackout blinds/curtains instead. I have these in my room, they are still light in colour, but the heavy linings keep my room super dark at night.


Studies have shown that leaving the smartphones out of the bedroom, makes you a happier person all around. It can improve sleep, relationships, focus, and general well being. Maybe it’s time to make your bedroom a smartphone free zone. Read a book instead; your sleep quality will thank you for it.


As I have an allergy to pet dander, my bedroom is a pet free zone. Pet allergy symptoms range from sneezing, coughing and hives, to wheezing and difficulty breathing. Seriously keep the pets in another room.


Extensive studies have proved that watching TV before bedtime disrupts sleep patterns. Electrical equipment and in particular televisions attract dust too. Remove the television for a better, more rested sleep and a more productive start to the day.

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