Botanical Prints For the Home


It’s apparent that nature plays an important part in all of our lives so why not use Botanical Prints to bring nature inside. With the current lockdown restrictions, more and more of us have looked towards the great outdoors for freedom and wellbeing.

Not only is this depicted on the news, but it is also clear to see on our daily walks and the footprints left by many others. There’s a feeling of inner peace and tranquillity to be found in nature and it’s not surprising that we want to bring this into our homes too.

As floral and Botanical prints are very fashionable at the moment why not consider bringing nature inside your home. Then you can enjoy the same peace and tranquillity inside the home as well as outside.

One of our favourite brands Cox & Cox are again on trend and have these fantastic Botanical addtions.

Botanical Prints for the Home

Botanical Prints

Cox & Cox Four Monochrome Botanical Framed Prints RRP £395.00

These stunning prints would adorn any wall within the home, creating the perfect Botanical backdrop. Each print complements the other and sold in a set of four.

Ginkgo Botanical Leaves

Cox & Cox Two Hanging Ginkgo Leaves RRP £245.00

These two decorative ginkgo leaves add interest and texture to any wall.  Not only are these elegant but they can easily be hung together as a pair or singular for added detail.

Botanical Palm Rug

Cox & Cox Navy Deco Palm Print Rug RRP £275.00

This Navy and Gold leaf print designed rug will add warmth and a luxurious feel to your room. Not only adding softness but a contrast in colour.

Rattan Planter

Round Indoor Rattan Planter RRP £65.00

One of the most key accesories to any Botanical Theme would have to be some foliage and Planters. Dont be put off if you are not green fingered as faux foliage and plants are now so realistic that you would be forgiven for thinking they are the real deal.

Framed Glass

Hinged Glass Frame Silver RRP £14.50

If you want to inject a small amount of Botanical Prints into your current scheme, this glass frame couldnt be more perfect. Capture inside any flowers or foliage picked from your walk and use this sweet frame to display them in your home.

Botanical Print Pendant

Cox & Cox Botanical Palm Pendant RRP £325.00

This Gold Leaf Pendant will light up any room with its elegance and style. Its oppulent gold detailing couldnt be more perfect to complete your Botanical print room.


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