Christmas Gifts for Him


Christmas Gifts for the man in your life sounds simple enough but sometimes they can be tricky to buy for. My husband can occasionally be difficult to buy for unless its something that I like and I talks him into thinking it’s just what he always wanted. Men are generally very specific about what they like and don’t like!

Have you ever been given a suggested a Christmas purchase only to find its totally out of your comfort zone? When my husband suggests something mountain bike-related, this fills me with dread. It’s not an area I know very much about as my bike has a basket on the front!. Although I need not have worried with Google and Pinterest they very often hold the answer to my question.

Maybe you need to buy a gift for a parent or grandparent. If you research online then it’s easy to find the perfect gift to suit any taste. Most retailers offer discount vouchers and deals if you shop around. I always like to have my Christmas gift purchased or delivery scheduled at the earliest opportunity as this relieves any stress building up to the big day.

One gift that’s popular with family members is a handcrafted gift or something more personable like a framed photo. Try sites like ETSY or Folksy for these. It would be easy just to give a gift voucher but in the current economic climate, this may not be the most sensible option. Due to difficult times in the retail market,  there are very few measures to protect the consumer if the company goes into administration. One idea that a popular choice would be a magazine subscription, there are so many choices on the market you are certain to find one to suit. I always look forward to mine arriving through the post. 

OneChicMom has found the following gifts online to get you started.

Christmas Gifts for Him
  1. Cyclist magazine subscription RRP £53.99
  2. The Wine Quartet Wicker RRP £100.00
  3. DIOR Sauvage Parfum 100ml RRP £104.00
  4. Solid Oak Personalised Glasses Stand RRP £29.95
  5. Daily Carry Shelf RRP £50.00
  6. Ascot Suede Slippers RRP £110.00
  7. Black Toast Glass Beer Mug RRP £39.95

Cox & Cox – New Christmas Collections

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