Halloween Alternatives for the kids – COVID19


COVID 19 restrictions will make this Halloween for the kids very different. I’m certain that we are not going to be trick or treating this Halloween like our children have enjoyed in the past. We are a nation that loves tradition but this year, there is just not a chance. Gone are those days of knocking on doors and collecting sweets, this year it’s just not going to possible.

I’m sure after hearing this quite a few of your children will be disappointed. Although it doesn’t mean that All-hallows Eve has to be forgotten, there are ways to adapt this so you children can still enjoy the fright fest.

Dressing up:

When my children were younger they would love to dress up for Halloween. They would choose the most gruesome outfits and accessories, different every year. If budgets are tight, improvise with old clothing around the home or look on eBay or discount stores. Visit Pinterest for some fantastic ideas to get you started. Dressing up is still acceptable under COVID restrictions.

Party for six:

If your lucky to have a small family, you can still party in your bubble with six people. Therefore all the old activities, Apple bobbing, cake decorating, pumpkin carving, playing tricks and games and having fun at home, can still go ahead. There are lots of decorations online and instore so that you can go to town. The party can still go ahead and you don’t have to leave the comfort and security of your home.

Make a Halloween goodie bag:

I’m sure my children would agree that the excitement of Halloween is mostly about the sweets or is that the E numbers responsible for that. Either way, you can make a bag or jar and fill it with Halloween style sweets and treats. I’m sure you won’t get any complaints. Lots of the supermarkets and stores are selling Halloween themed treats so all you need to do is share them out between loot bags. Simple but effective.

Pumpkin trail:

One idea that’s proving popular if your children enjoy going from house to house following a Pumpkin trail, is to give your own treats. Follow your normal route as you would have done previously. Every time your child spots a House with a pumpkin they are rewarded with a sweet or a lollipop. That way you are providing the treats and there is no cross-contamination from other households. You can all still dress up to get in the spirit of things.


My children always use to love baking Halloween themed goodies. Why not make some bat-shaped biscuits or fairy cakes and get the kids to decorate them with orange and green frosting and a topping of their choice. Kids love to be involved and generally it entertainment on Halloween that they most enjoy.

We understand that this Halloween won’t be the same as past Halloweens but some of the suggestions above would still give your children a chance to celebrate the occasion as well as stay safe.

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