Create a Floral Door Wreath


Shopping list

  • Selection of fresh flowers
  • Scissors
  • Circular oasis foam
  • Selection greenery / foliage
  • String or ribbon


Creating your own wreath is so simple and easy and will look stunning hung or a door or wall.

Step 1; Gather some foliage or Greenery from the Garden. This can be small branches, leaves, or cuttings.

Step 2; Soak your circular Oasis foam in water until it’s full and heavy. Next, start your wreath with the foliage first, in a circular direction. Ensure the whole foam is covered. Just be creative you can add as much or as little as you like but it’s best to cover the whole foam to avoid seeing this when hung.

Step 3; Next is the fun part. With the scissors trim the flowers to around 3 inches in length and insert again in a circular motion to give continuity. You can even add berries or other embellishments.

Step 4, Once you are happy with the wreath using some string, twine, or ribbon to hang the wreath up.

Step 5; keep the wreath fresh for days by giving it a spritz of water every couple of days to prolong life.

The above can be used even with faux flowers and the best part is it will last a lifetime or until you fancy a colour or design change.


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