Decorate you Home with Fall Décor


 When it comes to decorating the home for the fall season, the Americans certainly go all out. There are a couple of accounts on Instagram that I like to follow, and boy, do they make an effort with the Fall Decor. Maybe its because they have such fabulous porches that they even go as far as painting their front door an Autumnal shade.

Not only are their homes styled with pumpkins and lights, but they also use the Autumn colors to flow right through the houses. While us Brits may decorate more for Halloween than fall, there are some great home additions to be found online to add just that little Autumnal splash through the home.

Carving pumpkins is a family tradition, but the boys are getting to that stage where they aren’t as bothered as they use to be. So these vinyl transfers are an excellent cheat option if you are short on time. I also particularly love the hedgehog and the knitted pumpkins as they are different from the usual plastic offerings. I have a few items I have purchased over the years, including some great Emma Bridgewater pieces, and it’s essential to bring them out annually for the season.

These are some of the items of Fall Decor OneChicMom found online, but Pinterest is an excellent platform for inspiration.


  1. Candyfleece Hedgehog with pumpkins rrp £115.00
  2. Cornishware personalised storage jar rrp £30.00 plus £6 for personalise
  3. Chunky couture knit pumpkins rrp £24.99
  4. Candyfleece Knitted Bunny with pumpkins rrp £130.00
  5. Emma Bridgewater Table runner rrp £30.00
  6. Halloween Pumpkin stickers rrp £6.50
  7. 10 Halloween Pumpkin fair lights rrp £7.00
  8. Next Pumpkin & Ginger shaped candle rrp £8.00
  9. Not on The Highstreet Happy Halloween illuminated bunting rrp £25.00

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