Do It Yourself Hand Gel

by OneChicMom

As the Covid19 continues to spread and despite the ever-changing guidance, one piece of advice remains the same, to regularly wash your hands and where soap and water are not available, the government recommends the use of hand sanitiser.

Hand Sanitiser! Seriously for weeks now, due to public panic buying, hand sanitiser has not been available in the shops. Fear not, we are here to offer solutions. According to Dr Hilary, you can make a hand sanitiser cheaply at home in three simple steps:


‘It’s not rocket science. You can make it with two-thirds rubbing alcohol (also known as isopropyl alcohol). And one-third of your favourite gel moisturiser – it could be aloe vera gel. And, if you like, a couple of drops of essential oil of your choice.’


Despite this, the preferred option remains to wash your hands. Washing your hands means you’re washing the virus off rather than trying to kill it when it’s already on your hands.


Be warned that despite alcohol being very effective, it can be very drying, so follow up with a hand cream too.

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