Emma Bridgewater – Have a Posh Summer Picnic


Emma Bridgewater have some lovely summer pottery designs, perfect for a posh picnic. With the summer holidays in force it would be a shame not to enjoy a family day out. Pick an idyllic picnic spot next to a stream or in an open field. That way the kids can make up their own entertainment.

Rather than filing the rucksack with plastic sandwich boxes, why not indulge by taking the picnic basket, rug, and some nice pottery. I always think its quite indulgent to eat outside off a pretty plate. Create a lovely spread of homemade sandwiches, sausage rolls, and cakes. Don’t forget to pack the bubbles and some homemade lemonade for the kids.

I also find that if the picnic spread is plated up then the kids will eat more as it looks more appealing. It’s funny how a huge bowl of fruit will get hoovered up by the kids, when at school it would probably be returned at the end of the day in their lunchboxes!

Head over to www.emmabridgewater.com for some inspiring pieces to create your own posh picnic with the family.

OneChicMom have selected some key pieces which we think would be perfect for your posh picnic. These are just a small selection to inspire you. I do feel however this needs to come with a warning as your pottery collection can grow quite quick, I am speaking from experience! Pretty pottery may not only be reserved for picnics and that is why your collection may expand overnight.

Also under the current government guidelines it is acceptable to bubble up with another family and meet in the outdoors as long as you social distance. Therefore a posh picnic is a great way to be outdoors and socialise with friends or family.

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