Joules – Exercise in Style with New Activewear Line


Joules are a brand I’ve loved for many years, but have always been a little disappointed that they never stocked any fitness wear. Well things have changed. I am so excited that they have just launched a new Activewear from Joules collection and the great news is that there is 25% off for a selected time.

If you going to exercise with comfort and style then you may want to head to the @friendsofjoules website. 

I don’t know about you, but I want to look as good as I can when I am running, so always look for style and performance when choosing my Activewear. The Joules range showcases multi functioning sportswear for women, and even better the garments are made from sustainable products. Below are OneChicMom favourites from the new collection.



Activewear from Joules

Activewear from Joules

  1. Night sky leggings 25% off price £33.75

      2. Daisy gym leggings 25% off price £33.75

      3. Loose fit A line vest price £26.00 * excluded from discount

      4. Scattered line vest top 25% off price £18.75

      5. Floral gym leggings 25% off price £33.75

You have your Activewear from Joules sorted, all you need now is a favourite exercise to kick off your fitness.

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