Exercise your Way to a Happy Life


Is exercise the key to a happy life? It’s no secret that exercise can improve your mood. It also relieves stress, improves memory, and aids a good nights sleep. It doesn’t matter what exercise you choose but the benefits from just 30 minutes exercise a day are staggering.

The best part about exercise is that you can do it as a family and the kids will benefit too. You may choose to join a running club or attend a local Parkrun. It’s easy to get into running and there are lots of couch to 5k apps online to get you started.

Running is one of my favourite sports and I love that you can just put your trainers on and head out the door. There are no limits on how far you run, that’s why I love the freedom of running. Running definitely makes me happy.

Another firm favourite of mine is the freedom of two wheels and again something we can do as a family. I have to admit that I prefer to tootle rather than the racing speed my boys would choose. On a sunny day, nothing is more enjoyable than heading out on my bike with the freedom to explore, stop, and admire the view.

If you feel that running or cycling is not for you, you may prefer walking or a water activity. The choices are just endless and the key is to find something which you enjoy. The health and physical benefits of exercise are not only good for the body but also for the mind.

By releasing all those endorphins you will feel positively happy 💛

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