Floral Decor


Floral Decoration is a simple way to brighten up any home, garden or even an office shopfront.

One thing that can’t help but make you happy is a simple flower, whether that’s a daisy, rose or a blousy peony most people have a favourite.

It used to be that you could only buy your blooms from a market or florist. Now you can order online for worldwide dispatch and receive them delivered to your door along with your weekly shop or even via the letterbox.

The letterbox deliveries like the ones from Bloom & Wild are a firm favorite of mine, they come wrapped in little jackets still sleeping and waiting to pop. There’s even a handy instruction card so that you can arrange them to look exactly like they are advertised.

The real beauty of flowers is that they can be inexpensive but just one small bunch of Daffodils can brighten up a whole room.

Faux flowers also seem to be just as popular and beauty rooms, hairdressers and other retail outlets use huge swathes of them to decorate their premises, with stunning effect.

One of my favourite’s would have to be Peggy Porschen Cake stores. The floral blooms against the perfectly pink-painted building is a sight to behold.

If you fancy a bit of DIY floral decoration at home, It has become very fashionable to display a floral wreath on your front door and there are many online tutorials to show you how to achieve this. With very few items needed you can choose to create any colour scheme with faux or real flowers and no real skill needed as you simply insert the flowers into a foam oasis or glue on a willow or wicker base.

Whichever floral decoration you choose to decorate your home, have fun doing it, you can be a creative as you like, there are no rules.

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